LEGIT ONLINE DISPENSARY. Cannabis can be safely obtained in many places around the world. In regions where cannabis possession remains a crime, violators may be subject to incarceration. Therefore, buycannabisineurope cannot advocate the consumption of cannabis everywhere. This article will examine ways in which people find weed as of 2018.


Legal & Medicinal Cannabis

Where is my medical marijuana card accepted? Canada, as well as Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire accept other states medical ID cards. As an adult of 21+, you can legally buy marijuana in: Colorado, Washington, Netherlands, Spain etc. Soon recreational stores will open in Oregon, Alaska, Switzerland, Australia and France. LEGIT ONLINE DISPENSARY.

View the Legal and medical status of cannabis around the world

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Find your article in the Travel Guides section. From there, you can read about local cannabis laws, law enforcement, tips on finding marijuana and other information. Please note that some information may be outdated. Some locations around the world you simply will not find bud sold openly, especially in the smaller cities within the United States with harsher law enforcement.

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