THC Potency Meter Kit

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tCheck potency tester is the fast and inexpensive way to measure the strength of your infusions to guarantee consistency and satisfaction. If you’re an edible maker wanting consistency between batches, tCheck may be a convenient and reliable thanks to test potency. With just a couple of drops of drawn butter, copra oil , olive oil, or alcohol, tCheck provides accurate leads to but 60 seconds. See “What can be tested with tCheck?” below for more information.

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  • Infused clarified butter (cannabutter)
  • Infused coconut oil & MCT
  • Infused extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
  • Infused alcohol tinctures
  • What’s included
    tCheck device, reusable tray, 3 AAA batteries, dropper


What Is A THC Potency Meter?

A THC Potency Meter works with a sensor that w
ill measure the potency and strain of cannabis wherever and whenever you would like to.
But also it’s wont to detect and measure the cannabinoids (the CBN and CBD percentages and strengths). Also because of the 20 + terpenes (the mind-altering chemical found in marijuana). buy tCheck online, buy thc meter online, order thc potency meter kit Usa. Where to Buy thc meter in CaliforniaBuy thc potency meter online, Buy tCheck online Usa. 

This will give you what is known as the TCP (Total Canna Profile). Which is more than your normal day-to-day test.  A more analytic comprehensive chemical test of your cannabis.

With this info, you’ll not only tell from which strain or source it comes from. You will also get the way you’ll react thereto in comparison to lab analysis as well as what it’d assist you thereupon needs alleviating.

So basically you are looking at an instant tester of a product with all the contents of a major lab but can fit in your pocket and you can get instant results.

Why A THC Potency Meter Is Beneficial

What is a THC potency meter and why would you ever need one? This type of meter allows you to check surely cannabis like THC. Some are so sensitive that they’ll be ready to detect the presence of powerful cannabinoids like THCV, CBD, CBL, CBC, and CBN.

When it involves cannabis there are different levels of potency, and you would like to understand what you’ve got. For the one that must take marijuana for a medical condition, the results of this test are beneficial because you’ll use this number to work out if what you’re taking is potent enough to combat the condition that you’re trying to beat.

You can use a meter to develop your personal profile and find the proper potency that creates you are feeling better. The right
What’s included. Buy tCheck online, buy thc meter online, order thc potency meter kit Usa, Buy thc meter in California.
tCheck device, reusable tray, 3 AAA batteries, dropped THC testing meter can help

THC Potency Meter Kit

5 reviews for THC Potency Meter Kit

  1. Stern

    Now i can be sure am getting the correct dose of my medicinal cannabis. thanks for the safe delivery

  2. Stephany

    The real Game changer! No more guessing what my doses are. I make tinctures for friends and family and they have been extremely happy with what I have provided to them after testing in the tCheck 2! I had a few questions in the beginning and customer service was patient in walking me through the processes and educating me on material and cleaning of the tray. Life is great with tCheck! plus the delivery was on time

  3. Michelline

    I can’t say enough about the tcheck device! It’s really helping me and now I’m doing the right amount and not over or under-dosing for clients. Thank you I love this device.

  4. John Milner

    Just purchased my second tCheck potency tester after a friend had to have it as soon as I showed it to them. The tester is used mostly for flowers and it does an excellent job of distinguishing hemp/CBD from the real bud. In our area of the US hemp being labeled as real is a normal occurrence due to the easy access of hemp.

  5. scheiwig Danhi

    There was a delay in my delivery though I got my package, this was just a first trial, I will be back for some strains soonest, thanks though.

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