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Buy Harlequin Online

Buy Harlequin Online

Buy Harlequin Online;

Thanks to its versatility when it comes to psychotropic and therapeutic effects in mild levels, Harlequin has been known throughout the Western cannabis cultivation. The Sativa-Dominant ratio content of Harlequin is 75/25. Also, its THC content ranges between the values of 4% to 7%. Notably, its CBD content is composed of the value ranging between 8% up to 16%.  Accordingly, its primary effects are inclusive of Mood and energy boost, Relaxation, and Focus.

One thing that should be highlighted on this strain is the flavor and aroma that it offers which makes as one of the best Australian Sativa strains. These are Herbal, Sweet, Earthy, and Mango. As it grows, its height can grow from 60 to 90 centimeters or 23 to 35 inches in height. It has a very high THC content that has a sweet mango and melon aroma and flavor. Since these seeds are feminized, the Harlequin seeds are fast buds with vigorous sizes with a yield of 70 up to 300 grams per plant.

Its seeds are already fertile in itself that can produce berry seeds and yield without the use of a pollinizer. Once you apply cross-pollination, it can yield better results in terms of production. As it is called as the mainstay in terms of marijuana commercial production, these are very popular for all cultivators, growers, and breeders in the northeastern part of the United States.