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Buy weed online in europe Even though Cannabis has been used by humans since the dawn of civilization, the stigma and myths surrounding the plant still persist, even in 2020. It is not only about the misconceptions that people have about its effects and risk factors. Even in countries and places where Cannabis is legalized or legal norms are changing, people lack a clear idea.

This is more applicable to scenarios involving Cannabis usage in the workplace. Canada has made cannabis usage legalized and it is a country where cannabis research and cultivation are done quite a lot. Even then Canadian businesses and companies are not well aware of the legal implications of using the substance at the workplace. The employees and employers both lack a clear perception of the subject.

Responsible Cannabis Use

A Toronto research group recently carried out a study on Canadian workers and the revelations are attention-grabbing. One in 3 candidates in the study felt they were at absolute liberty to resort to medical cannabis in the workplace after disclosing their conditions. In the study, every 4 managers said that they were not legally bound to allow medical cannabis use by the employees.

A whopping 73% said they were okay with testing employees for the drug as long as they got the nod from the CEOs.

The reality is that all these people are far away from the truth. Cannabis usage in the workplace, was and still is an intricate issue. It is common to find the employers grudging the government. This is what leads to confusions and already a number of cases have been heard by the courts in various provinces in Canada-related to this subject.