How to get Medical Marijuana Card

How to get Medical Marijuana Card in Canada

Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient in Canada

Although Canada doesn’t hand out medical marijuana cards, it still has a medical marijuana program which gives certain advantages to patients accessing cannabis for medical use. Certified medical marijuana patients can get access to cheaper products and also have a much higher public possession limit.

Previously, medical cannabis patients were covered under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). With the Cannabis Act now in effect, there are new regulations for accessing cannabis for medical purposes, but the medical marijuana program still works in much the same way.

Patients are able to gain authorization from their healthcare provider to access cannabis for medical use. Medical patients can visit a licensed physician and gain a registration certificate for medical marijuana if they have a severe or chronic condition. Although it’s not really necessary, medical patients do get a few perks which can make it worth it.

Advantages of being a Medical Marijuana Patient in Canada

With marijuana now widely available to all adults in Canada, users may wonder if there’s even a point in gaining medical certification. However, while you don’t need to get a registration certificate, there are a few reasons why you may want to.

Health Canada notes that becoming a registered medical marijuana patient gives you access to many more licensed producers and sellers. Medical marijuana patients can get access to cheaper products and also buy much more cannabis than regular users. You can also grow more cannabis or designate someone to produce it for you.

The nationwide public possession limit for cannabis is 30 grams of dried flower. However, registered patients can possess up to 150 grams in public. That also means they can possess higher amounts of other kinds of cannabis products. Patients will need to present their registration document or certificate if requested by law enforcement.


Buying Marijuana Without a Medical Card in Canada

Of course, while becoming a medical marijuana patient does have its perks, it’s not at all necessary. As long as you’re of legal age in your province and have ID to prove it, you won’t have any issue whatsoever getting your hands on marijuana.

There are now many licensed stores all over Canada which provide marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. The Cannabis Act states you can possess up to 30 grams of dry flower. Different kinds of products have different possession limits, which you can see on the Government of Canada website. Despite lower possession limits, you can keep more marijuana at home.

For even more convenience, users can also buy marijuana online in Canada. Buying online usually gives you access to a much wider range of products at better prices. You can buy whatever you want and have it delivered directly to your door wherever you are in Canada. No medical registration is required, but you’ll still need to provide proof of age.

Best Marijuana Strains for Medical Use

Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or just a regular user, you can use marijuana for medical use. Marijuana strains, concentrates, and other products can help relieve pain, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and many other physical and mental symptoms. Here are some of the best strains to buy for medical use.

Medibud – Medibud is a strain that’s tailored to medical users. The THC content isn’t too high, so you can enjoy the helpful medical effects without overwhelming psychoactive effects. With a ratio of 60:40 indica to sativa, it gives you intense relaxing effects along with an uplifting and stimulating head high.

Blue Dream – Blue Dream is known as one of the best sativa strains on the market. It’s also known as one of the best medical strains. It gives you some incredibly stimulating effects that will instantly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It also gives you a smooth body high to help tackle pain and physical distress.

Strawberry Cough – Another popular strain for medical use, Strawberry Cough provides stimulating sativa effects which are perfect for helping with issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It also provides some soothing body effects. Strawberry Cough has an amazing fresh strawberry taste which makes it even more enjoyable for users.

How to get Medical Marijuana Card

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