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When it comes to exotic cannabis, flavors, and eye popping packaging the Bay Area has its share. Using a similar insignia as Rolls Royce. The Backpack Boyz are Bay area natives who consistently grow great cannabis while maintaining a flashy image. Filled with champagne bottles, dollar bills, and nice cars. Buy backpack boyz weed online, backpack boyz for sale , order backpack boyz online, buy backpack boyz prerolls, backpack boyz prices

Hosting a vault of different strains shows the type of fire that Backpack Boyz brings to the table with spins on the classic Gelato like Strawberry Gelato, Apple Gelato, Cherry Gelato, Peanut Butter Gelato, and many other different variations. Another celebrated strain that has made its way through California as a coveted exotic is Horchata, which people boast about all over the Backpack Boyz instagram page.

They have a beautiful collection of strains, boasting different shades and hues of green. Purple and everything between while having great variation in their buds.

Buy backpack boyz weed online

Backpack boyz is an indoors weed industry that has been awarded and given recognition for amazing top-shelf 3.5gram exotic buds, This exotic weed varies in thc percentage  27% – 30%  which is highly potent due to its cultivation process.

Their dispensary front, 5 Points Los Angeles sells their buds as well as other top tier dispensaries like Cookies Maywood, Cookies Hollywood, and Cana Harbor. To see more of the Backpack Boyz collection, check out their instagram page and visit a tagged dispensary in their post.

Child Resistant Mylar Bags

3.5g Heat Sealable Mylar Bag

Bag Size: 110mm x 168mm (w x h)

backpack boyz for sale , order backpack boyz online, buy backpack boyz prerolls, backpack boyz prices

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    “I STRONGLY recommend backpack boyz weed to EVERYONE interested in buying weed online! It’s really wonderful. I wish I would have thought of it first. i’ve taken backpack boyz weed for the last five months but this has an amazing high.”
    – Betsy M.

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    I made back the purchase in just 48 hours! after i received my order. Thanks to
    – Lorri F.

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    there was a delay in my delivery, but thank you for keeping your end of the bargain green420dispensary. am sure to place another order soonest.
    – Larry Pincher

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    “Just what I was looking for backpack boys weed packs, actually my first time and had the best of it. thumbs up green dispensary .”
    – Loreen R.

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    ” Ich möchte mich für Ihre Bemühungen um die Lieferung meines Pakets bedanken. Es war eine schwierige Frage”
    -Victor Weighner

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    Thanks mate, happy u held your end of the deal, hope to back soon
    -Griffey Shane

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