The real benefits of eating cannabis seeds

FIRST it was a glass of kombucha with a side of goji berries, then blending chia seeds in with your smoothies and cereal became the latest superfood trend. BUY CANNABIS SEED IN AUSTRALIA

But after the food regulation ministers agreed to a proposal from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to allow the sale of hemp seeds for consumption last November, the high protein “superfood” started appearing on menus across the country. BUY CANNABIS SEED IN AUSTRALIA


Consuming these hemp seeds or hemp bliss balls won’t be getting you high. Picture by Peter LorimerSource:News Corp Australia

Within the foodie community, there’s always been quite a bit of hype around hemp seeds, due to the ingredient being high in fibre, protein and amino acids. It’s also considered a suitable alternative for people with nut allergies, and received a five-star health rating by the Australian Medical Association (AMA). SHOP NOW

But when hemp seeds first started popping up in cafe and health food shops, the question of health benefits started doing the rounds — especially in terms of weight loss claims.

In an interview with the author of Interval Weight Loss, Dr Nick Fuller said any claims of weight loss as a result of consuming hemp seeds were simply inaccurate.

“Hemp is just another ‘fad’ hitting the shelves like the many other ‘superfoods’ being spruiked each day of the week,” he said.

“Don’t waste your money on hemp products as it is not the magic bullet everyone is hoping for. It won’t help with weight loss.” BUY CANNABIS SEED IN AUSTRALIA

So what is to be gained from including these seeds in your diet?


Hemp seeds are said to be a good alternative for those with a nut allergy. Picture: Alan BarberSource:News Corp Australia

Speaking to, nutritionist Kristen Beck said while there is little in the way of human trials around hemp seeds and weight loss, some of the nutritional components could assist in shedding kilos. BUY CANNABIS SEED IN AUSTRALIA

“Both protein and fibre can help trigger satiety (feeling of fullness),” she said.

“Nutritionally, it makes sense that hemp seeds could aid weight loss or weight maintenance due to their protein, fibre and essential fatty acid content.

“With regards to the essential fatty acid profile of hemp seed, one thing to consider is that omega-3 fatty acids from plant-based sources tend to require further conversion from the human body than omegas from animal sources,” she said. BUY CANNABIS SEED IN AUSTRALIA

“As yet, there isn’t a lot of scientific data as to the bioavailability — how our bodies absorb and use a product — in relation to omega-3s from hemp seeds.”

Ms Beck said what makes the seed so valuable, along with the nutritional value, is that the product is very sustainable to grow and produce in Australia.


Cannabis plant and hemp seeds, which are now sold in health food shops around Australia.Source:istock

According to a new study by Galaxy Research, nearly 40 per cent of those questioned believed hemp was similar to marijuana and that foods cooked using the seeds could contain illegal ingredients, meaning many were deterred from consuming the product.

But while hemp and marijuana come from the same plant species, don’t start thinking you’ll be getting high from your smoothie.

“The high that comes from marijuana use comes from the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),” Ms Beck said. BUY CANNABIS SEED IN AUSTRALIA

“Hemp products available for sale as a food in Australia do not contain the amount of THC known to alter one’s state of mind and bodily function.”

The real benefits of eating cannabis seeds

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