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Weed for sale in australia

Weed for sale in Australia

Budding boom: All you need to know about Australia’s stake in the fast-growing cannabis industry

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Weed for sale in australia;In the words of legendary reggae artist Peter Tosh, some call it tamjee, some call it the weed, some call it marijuana, and some of them call it ganja.

Whatever the phrase, Tosh’s 1976 song and album by the same name, Legalise It, was more than just proof of his talent as a solo-artist after splitting from Bob Marley’s band the Wailers.

More than 43-years later, cannabis, a plant with an ancient history, is a $20.1 billion dollar legal industry worldwide and is expected to more than double in size over the next five years.

In pursuit of new medical treatments and enough tax revenue to build hundreds of schools, governments around the world have heeded Tosh’s advice.

In Australia, that journey is just getting started. In 2016 the federal government planted a seed for a local medicinal cannabis industry, and while barely three years old, business is already being done.

Cannabis entrepreneurs are cropping up all over the place in Australia as early movers get ready to cash in on what could become a $1.2 billion industry over the next 10 years, according to figures put together by prohibition partners last year.

The Greens, citing Parliamentary Budget Office findings, believe the industry will grow to $2 billion over the forward estimates.

Cannabis: The state of play

The legal framework around medicinal cannabis in Australia is still evolving and remains tightly restricted, but patient numbers are on the up.

Look no further than Australia’s capital, where the ACT Legislative Assembly is considering actually decriminalising possession of under 50 grams of cannabis this week.

At the end of 2017, there were 158 approved medicinal cannabis patients in Australia. By the end of January this year there were 2,800, according to TGA figures. Slow, but steady.

Now, after the Therapeutic Goods Administration moved to streamline the application process for medicinal cannabis patients last year, the industry is preparing for a boom.

Adam Miller is the founder of BuddingTech, a consultancy firm dedicated to Australia’s emerging cannabis industry.

Miller is predicting medicinal cannabis patient numbers to surpass the 120,000 mark in the next four years as education programs aimed at getting doctors across the country familiar with prescribing the drug take off.

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